Mrs. LashLift® PRO Adhesive

Mrs. LashLift PRO® Adhesive to the rods in the right place, and for the most lashlifts to be able to make it.


Mrs. LashLift PRO Adhesive 

Mrs. LashLift PRO
is a revolutionary lashlift system has a total exposure time of up to 11 minutes including dyeing eyelashes! 
It is designed for experienced wimperliftstylisten and is the fastest lashlift system in the world. 

With speed comes also the strength but nevertheless is Mrs. LashLift PRO safe to use and brings no harm to the natural lashes. Mrs. LashLift PRO is manufactured in the EU and is cruelty free and vegan. 

Mrs. LashLift PRO is in a 5 ml luxury pen, which when turning back the lotion on the front of the pen and the pen stays free of air which ensures the quality of the lotion. 

Mrs. LashLift PRO can be used for 6 months after opening and when unopened can be saved for 36 months.

Mrs. LashLift PRO Solution times:
Mrs. LashLift PRO Lotion 1: with weak lashes 4 minutes, with normal to strong lashes 5 minutes
Mrs. LashLift PRO Lotion 2: mix immediately 1: 1 with the tint if desired. The lotion 2 replaces the developer because it is provided with the correct amount of peroxide. Let this work in for 6 minutes.

A manual for the correct use of Mrs. LashLift PRO is also included.